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El Salvador Monte Sion Natural Filter Roast


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Discover the unique allure of Monte Sion, our exquisite single origin coffee from the verdant mountains of El Salvador. With a legacy that dates back to 1907, Monte Sion is cultivated by a family-owned business committed to sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship. Grown in the shade of the biodiverse Cordillera de Apaneca, the Arabica-Bourbon variety coffee beans thrive in a habitat that supports not just the coffee but also the local wildlife, including numerous species of Neotropical migrant birds.

Each cup of Monte Sion offers a symphony of flavours: the freshness of pear, the lushness of juicy muscatel wine, and a subtle hint of spice, all harmonizing to create a coffee experience that is as rich in taste as it is in history. Perfect for those who cherish a coffee that tells a story of tradition, care, and a commitment to the planet. Savour the taste of Monte Sion and bring a piece of El Salvador's coffee heritage into your home.