Single Origins of the week 27th January

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This week we are excited to have the Ethiopian Mustefa available as both espresso and filter roast. While our regular natural processed Ethiopian from the Sidamo region has proved very popular, this coffee is from the Dijimmah region and natural processed as well. It is silky with caramel sweetness, the espresso roast has notes of strawberry while the filter roast has a peachy aroma.   This is our last batch of the Costa Rica El Chayote which I have thoroughly enjoyed. The honey process really brings out a sweet fruitiness to the coffee, but in typical Costa Rican style its...

Coffee Encounters Book

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Let us take you on a journey to exotic countries where tourists never visit and tell you the untold stories about coffee farmers and pickers – the human side of coffee. Let us tell you the story of the whole coffee industry in Australia – from the first coffee growing in the early 1820s to the successful plantations of today. The stories of the Australian roasters who source their beans from origin and are helping to change the lives of people in developing countries through their efforts at sustainability. Get involved through our stunning photographic journey from Sulawesi to Sumatra,...